The Echo du Signal de Bernex is a « Schwyzerörgeli » accordion formation whose musicians, conducted by Judith Zieri, come from the Bernex music school in the canton of Geneva.

The group celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018. During all these years, the Echo du Signal has appeared in most of the major folklore events in Switzerland and has become, in a way, « the ambassador » of Bernese folk music influence in western Switzerland.

If you are planning to organize an unforgettable Swiss folkloric evening, whether for a wedding, office celebration, birthday party, festival, concert or other, then search no longer: the Echo du Signal de Bernex, a band of 3 to 20 musicians, is just what you are looking for.

The Band

L’Echo du Signal de Bernex (Geneva Canton), a « Schwyzerörgeli » Big Band, voiced its first harmony in 1988. Musicians all originate from the Bernex Music School directed by Judith Zieri.

Music repertoire

Traditional folkloric Swiss music is the main repertoire of the Echo du Signal de Bernex

Music for fun and entertainment

L’Echo du Signal de Bernex performs at many events such as Federal Popular Music Festivals, radio broadcasts i.e. “Boîte à Musique” of the TSR or the “Kiosk à Musique” (RSR), etc

In the 70’s, a new movement originated in the Canton of Bern for the promotion of the Schwyzerörgeli which spread throughout Switzerland. It was perfect timing for the Bernex (GE) music school to make a strong commitment to popular music and to hire a “schwytzoise” teacher.

This is how it started, with Hans Bosshard giving lessons and in the aftermath, setting up a big musical formation, “L’Echo du Signal”.

Through private courses, musical weeks and events, he successfully developed the school and promoted the band until 1999 when Judith Zieri, an exceptionally gifted student, took over as his successor. Since then, Judith, with all her energy, enthusiasm and fantasy, relentlessly instills to both children and adults alike the joys of playing folkloric music and of sharing that pleasure in public performances.

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